Nagore Robles se declara fan del yoga tras ver la foto de la Pedroche

Nagore Robles, que ha retomado su relación con la presentadora Sandra Barneda, se encuentra más feliz y enamorada que nunca, pero Nagore ha sorprendido al panorama de las redes sociales por ser seguidora de una llamativa cuenta de la red social Instagram.


Tras la fotografía con la pose imposible que subió Cristina Pedroche, Nagore le puso un comentario en su tablón:


«Vamos que se te ha caído el móvil por detrás de la almohada. Fotón sin duda! Brava!»


Además, hubo otra cuenta que le comentó a la Pedroche, una particular cuenta de instagram donde una chica practica posturas de yoga desnuda. La cuenta se llama Nude Yoga Girl (@nude_yogagirl), y para muestra, un botón:


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You are already enough. ❤️ There are those (like me!) that easily get stressed, feel inadequate, whom find it difficult to relax because most of the time more things come into our life than we have the capacity to deal with. Life has become overwhelmed because of not being able to say no, or wanting to help others so much, or thinking that we have the time when we actually don't… ❤️ It's not only the quantity but also the quality we demand from ourselves. Only the best is enough for you and your goals are so high all the time that it's almost impossible to achieve them. Then that failure causes shame and making mistakes seems the end of the world. Even if in the eyes of others you are doing well, you cannot praise yourself. At times life feels scary, it feels like you can ruin everything – and that's why life doesn't feel as free as it could. ❤️ Does the above feel familiar to you? If yes, I wanted to write that you can change yourself, your attitude and your life. Now it's about 2 years since I had a burnout. Nowadays I really can relax better, and not demand too much from myself. I can take it easy also. I've learned not to say yes for everything and to everyone!! I wish you don't have to experience a burn out or anything like that to learn this. I wish you understand that you are already enough. I want to say that you are enough even if you wouldn't do anything else, anything more than you already have. Being just you, imperfectly perfect is all you need to be. ❤️❤️❤️ ❤️ Nude yoga in two @nuda.sisters #NUDAisnormal

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Nagore se ha declarado fan del yoga, pero lo que no sabemos es si Nagore se ha aficionado al yoga al ver a la Pedroche practicarlo o ha decido seguir el mismo camino que esas chicas. Lo que sí es cierto, es que practicar yoga, y además, sin ropa, es una práctica que está tomando fuerza en todo el mundo y que ayuda bastante a relajarse y liberar la mente.